Islamic Finance Training 

Our Islamic finance courses cover everything from operations and the structure of financial products to the Sukuk market and Sharia-compliant alternatives to traditional insurance.

Understanding the world of Islamic banking and finance gives you access to a number of lucrative, emerging markets. Our Islamic finance instructors are all established experts in the field and bring real-life experience and practical knowledge in order to design and deliver Islamic banking and finance training that is highly practical and immersive.  

Islamic Finance Media 

Collaboration with Hypp TV   - Unifi TV (stylized as unifi tv, formerly known as HyppTV prior January 2018) is an IPTV service operated by Telekom Malaysia (TM). It was launched in 2010 as part of TM's bundled Triple-play service offering of VoIP Telephone, Internet and IPTV called Unifi.

Islamic Estate Planning & Wealth Management 


Islamic Finance Consulting & Advisory 

Dirham and Dinar Distribution 


Our  primary role is to assist your organization with certain areas of your inclusiveness work. While the consultant may act as an educator, a catalyst for deeper change, a resource, or a facilitator, the leadership of the process remains within your organization. The Inclusiveness Committee, staff, board members, and executive director have the power, and the greater responsibility, to lead the process of becoming more inclusive.